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Digital Bundle: Notion + PDF Content Planner + BONUS Course


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You don’t need to create content for every platform, but you do need to create consistent content that supports your business goals.

We made this planner for you! Use it as a guide to create content that will grow your business’s awareness, traffic, and sales. Our goal is to simplify your content creation process with this planner, the free course that came with your purchase, and the content we share through our emails and website. We promise it will all be both helpful and exciting (dare we say, fun).

One place to create your goals for the year then breaks them into 90-day plans based on the content you enjoy creating and the platforms that best serve you and your audience.

Create It – The Content Planner comes with 9 elements for creating your content strategy:

  • Your Goals
  • Define Your Audience
  • Plan Your Evergreen Content
  • Define Your Focus Content
  • Create & Plan Your Platform Plan
  • Create Your Content Batching Plan
  • Plan Your Month
  • Plan Your Week
  • Review What Worked


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