Are you tired of creating content that falls flat and doesn’t convert?

You don’t need more content, you need a content strategy that supports your business AND your life.

Introducing, Create It – The Content Planner!

The ONLY Content Planner that gives you a strategy to create the right content, for the right platforms, and supports your business goals.

There’s nothing worse than being in business for a while and feeling like you’re stuck.

Stuck creating and showing up with minimal results. On more than one occasion, you’ve thought, “all I’ve done is create a job for myself.”

So you decide to make a change. “This is it! I’m committed to doing whatever it takes to change this!” You buy a course, do the work, launch the thing… and crickets.

After a day or two of processing yet another thing that didn’t work, you remind yourself that you committed to seeing this through. So you pick yourself up, get another cup of coffee, and get back to work.

Then you start hearing the news that the “thing” you committed to isn’t working anymore because another algorithm has changed or a billionaire has bought your favorite platform. You must find yet another way of getting ahead of your ideal customers.

It’s exhausting. 

That's where Create It - The Content Planner comes in...

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We all know content marketing is here to stay.

Content marketing is simply marketing. It’s non-negotiable, even if you have deep pockets to invest in advertising (which is paid content).

Knowing your audience is the only way to be successful with content marketing. Understand their problems and how you can help them. It’s not about the latest tactic, tech, or paid acquisition channel.

It’s about people.

And guess what? YOU’RE people too. 😉

Content marketing is only sustainable when you enjoy what you’re doing. Even if you hire someone to do it, it still has to be content that works for you.

With this planner, you’ll finally have a strategy for content planning that’s right for you and your audience.

Ready to become a founding customer?

Physical Planner + Resources

Physical AND Digital Planner + Resources

Physical & Digital Planner PLUS Notion version, + Resources

Notion & Digital Planner + Resources

Create It Digital Planner

The “resources” is the training course and filled-in sample planner.

Here’s Some Of What You’ll Get With Content Planner 👇

90-Day Business Goals & Plan

This ensures the content you create supports the bigger picture of your business and what you want to achieve. Before you start planning your monthly content, create your end target and goals.

Evergreen Content Guide & Plan

Having content you’ve created continue working for you, months and even years after you’ve created it! Define your evergreen content categories so you're never stuck for priorities again.

Focus Content Plan & Idea Bank

Remove the guesswork from trying to figure out what type of content you’ll create & when you’ll create it. Define your cornerstone/pillar content (SEO) first, then decide on your content type and where to publish.

Platform Guide & Planning

No more wasted time sharing what you “think” might work or pushing the same content everywhere. Share the right content to the right platforms and at the right time - and then double down on what's working.

Content Batching Guide & Plan

With the right content batching plan you can save time, fill your promotional schedule, and increase productivity. Block out time to batch your best performing content, produce it, and get it scheduled ahead of time.

Monthly & Weekly Calendar

Getting ahead of your content marketing with a monthly plan allows you to manage your business AND life. Your weekly calendar is custom for YOU. One weekly calendar for business and life.

Hi, I'm Kim Doyal!

I’ve been around this digital marketing space for a while (2008 – which is pretty much hundreds of years in terms of how fast things change online 🤣) – and one of the constants has been content marketing.

After 10 years as “The WPChick” I pivoted to my personal brand, content marketing, and email marketing – and I haven’t looked back. Whether it’s podasting, blog posts, newsletters, social or video… I’ve done it all (and have found my sweet spot).

I co-founded the Content Creators Planner with a friend and partner in 2018 and after a successful run with e-commerce we closed the business and brand down. Purely a “life decision.”

But I wasn’t done.

My love of pen & paper goes back to owning a Scrapbook store in 1998 and I knew there was more to do with a content planner.

Which is where “Create It – The Content Planner” comes in. I have big plans for this brand (more than one planner) and am beyond giddy to bring this to you. We’re starting with The Content Planner (physical, digital, and a Notion version), with much more planned. 

I’m excited to have you on this journey with me and know we can support you in your content marketing goals.

How About a Sneak Peek? 😉

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Even though this is a presale, we wanted to ensure you got a sneak peek of some of the planner pages! These aren’t the final pages, we’re still adjusting a few. things and finalizing all the designs. But we wanted to make sure you got a taste of what’s coming!

Create It Pages

What Other People are Saying

Since the planner isn’t available yet, we don’t have any testimonials from our customers, but here’s a testimonial from a client I helped who wanted to launch her own planner (which she did… quite successfully!).

“We could NOT have done any of this without your skills and knowledge.” From start to finish: the initial ideas, how to source the right people to help, how to map out our content strategy, how to create a killer sales page, how to define and draw in our perfect customers, how to build our email list and how and what offers to make and when…..we launched our product on 31st October and WOW! We are blown away by the results we’ve gotten! We followed your advice and suggestions and implemented everything and if sales continue the way they are…..we will have generated £15k worth of sales in just 8 weeks! Honestly, we can’t thank you enough for your support, encouragement, expertise, and guidance, this has been a fantastic experience and we’re now talking about getting our 2nd product out there!
Cheryl Kerr
Cheryl Kerr

Your Questions Answered

The planner will ship in January (so you can start planning 2023!). We have a limited initial print run, but will place an order for the second print run as soon as our pre-sale is done.

We’ll be releasing the digital and Notion version at the same time we start shipping the physical planner. Customers will be emailed access to their digital products as soon as they’re available (we’re fine tuning a few pages!).


The digital version is an interactive PDF. You can also download it and print it (we’ve included a print version if you want to print your own complete planner). The interactive PDF works with apps such as GoodNotes. We have some fun stickers planned for the digital version too (and quite possibly physical stickers for the print version!?!).


We’ve created a complete training course (video) for you teaching you how to use your planner! Not only that, you’ll get an accompanying PDF of a fictitious business (that we used in the training video) as a sample on how to use your planner.


Not yet, but we’ll be launching the affiliate program in early 2023. We know happy customers and word of mouth are one of the best things a business can hope for.

Still, have questions? Email me directly:

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